How to check Jio balance: 4 ways to check Reliance Jio 2020

How to activate Jio Sim
How to activate Jio Sim

How to check jio sim internet data,

Today we will learn about it. After the arrival of reliance jio, there has been a boom in the world. Everyone has had to recharge Jio Sim 399 after free internet data and balance in their jio sim is over.

But not everyone has it. How to know your jio sim mobile number? How to know USSD Codes for Internet Data usage in jio Sim? All these are needed.

After 1 April, after the completion of free internet and calling in Reliance jio Sim, the need to recharge has been read. So that everyone does not know their own mobile number. Therefore,

I am telling you the information to check your jio sim number and internet data balance.

In jio, I am giving 2 ways to check Internet Data Balance and


  • 1. From USSD Codes,
  • 2. From Apps.

[How to check Jio number, Internet data balance,]

Some people want to know how to check their own mobile number? To know jio Sim Mobile Number and Internet Balance, you have been divided into all the different categories below.

Whatever you need to check the number or net balance of reliance jio sim. You will get all of that below

How to check Jio balance: 4 ways to check Reliance Jio 2020

[How to check Jio number USSD codes ?]

To check the number of your jio, follow the steps given below to know the number-

First of all, dial * 1 # from Mobile
The number will appear in your mobile in a few seconds.

How to view Jio Sim Number through Apps

If the above mentioned USSD codes are not working in your area, then with the help of the below mentioned apps you can know the mobile number-

1.First of All “My Jio” Apps download and install. Click here to download My Jio App from Play Store-


When you want to check your Jio balance, you can do it in two ways. Follow these steps to know your balance instantly on your Jio phone.

 Download My Jio App

  1. After installing, open from it, in which click on the ⇒ “Open” button in front of the first option “My Jio”.

Jio Sim number internet data balance check ussd codes

Next, a new page will open automatically. (If not open, login with the number below.
You will see Jio Number above in few seconds.

Sim of Reliance jio also has 2 types.

1. Prepaid 2. Postpaid

want to check the Internet balance of your jio number. So you can see this in my jio Apps. For this, you should also have the latest version of my jio software.

Otherwise Internet balance will not be checked. How to check internet balance? For this, follow the steps below-

First of All (First) Open “My jio” App

Login with Sim (jio’s Sim must be in the same mobile)

Click on the Open button in front of my jio.

After a few seconds, the new page will open, clicking “Balance” on the right side, you can check the balance.

How to check Jio balance: 4 ways to check Reliance Jio 2020

[How to check Jio balance]

To check the main balance of your Mobile jio Sim, you can find out by message. This Sim operator is of 2 types – 1. Prepaid 2. Postpaid |

Right now there is the same process for both of them for balance check. Let’s see, how to check / find balance in jio sim

Write the message mentioned below from your mobile.

Write BAL and send it to 199.
In a while, a message will come in your mobile. Main balance will be seen in it.

which you can see-
Reliance jio balance check kaise main balance hindi

jio balance and Internet data will be updated,

when the USSD codes arrive.

If you have got help, then do share. Any type of problem related to Reliance jio Sim,

So please comment below and ask questions. We will definitely help you. Thank you

How to check Jio balance: 4 ways to check Reliance Jio 2020